The origin of Saint David's Day lies in the life and work of our patron saint. We do not know when Saint David was born but it is thought that he lived during the second half of the fifth century and the first half of the sixth century. His mother was a young Welsh girl named Non and his father Sant, son of King Ceredig. The cottage where they live over-looked the Bay of Non in Pembrokeshire.

The young boy lived his early life a Hen Fynyw and there he grew into manhood. He had a strong sense of purpose and studied for the priesthood. Soon after this, David felt called to missionary work. He founded twelve monasteries. One was founded in about A.D. 530 at a place called Glyn Rhosyn in Pembrokeshire. It is on this site that the small cathedral city of Saint David's stands today.

Saint David eventually became one of the most important leaders of the Celtic Church and disciples flocked to him.He has been credited with many miracles. It is said that the ground beneath his feet rose up to form a hill so people at the back of a large crowd could hear him speak before a white dove, sent by God settled on his shoulder. Also legend says there was no water near his monastery until he prayed. Then, a mature spring appeared at his feet.

Saint David is believed to have died on March 1,589 and it is said that a host of singing angels bore him to heaven..His legacy lives on. His last words to his followers came from a sermon the Sunday before his death. "Be joyful, keep the faith,and do the little things that you have heard and seen me do. Since that day March 1st has been celebrated as the National Day of wales.

Saint David's Day is celebrated on March 1. In Wales it is a day of parades, concerts, and festivals of music. Children go to school in traditional Welsh dress, Flags are flown. The daffodil is considered the national flower of Wales and is widely displayed on St. David's Day. The Welsh National Anthem is sung and around the world Welsh people with each other a "Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus"-Happy Saint David's Day" in Welsh.

Gomer Congregational Church celebrates St. David's Day every year on the first Saturday in March. We have a St. David's Day Dinner at the church.The tables are decorated with daffodils and red dragons. Welsh hymns continue to be sung weekly in our church service and are sung with extra fervour on St. David's Day Sunday!

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