Who we are:

The roots of Gomer Congregational Church begin in the religious beliefs of the Welsh settlers who settled in Gomer in the early 1830's. Its history includes mergers over many years of several different churches. The Welsh brought with them a deep faith, a great love of music, and a sense of wanting to build a community with sisters and brothers of faith.

It is with these tools that Gomer Congregational Church was ultimately founded. Today, though the members' heritage is more diversified, this church still holds Welsh festivals of song, and the congregations still has a love of good music and a deep abiding faith. It is with this faith that they strive to maintain their sense of ecumenical community in the Gomer area and have a tie to Christians around the world.


Where we are:

Gomer is a small community in rural Allen County. Sugar Creek township is approximately 10 minutes north of Lima, near many other small towns like Delphos, Columbus Grove, Elida, and Cairo.


Our Mission:

With the Church as our cornerstone, with faith as our foundation, working together to bring people to Christ and Christ to the people. Building on God's and our traditions with a vision for the future, our mission is to reflect Christ's love and teachings by helping people to grow in faith and apply their faith to their daily lives.

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