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Last Updated: 7/25/22 02:33 PM

The Committee of Stewardship & Missionary Education meets as needed.

**There is always a basket near the south exit to deposit items.

Donation of school supplies in June, July & August will be taken to area schools

2022 Projects

January - Samaritan House
February - Donations for baby Evelyn
March - Donations for VBS
April - Meals 'til Monday
May - Items for Veterans Food Pantry
June - Bitter Sweet at Betty's Farm
July - Donation to subscriptions for Scholastic Books at Elida Elementary School
August - School Supplies
September - Sunnydale Project (Bibles)
October - Donations for Coats for Kids
November - Toys for Tots
December - Lima Rescue Mission
January 2023 - 5 Loaves Food Bank