The History of Gomer Congregational Church

In 1839 , in the barn of Thomas Watkins, the Welsh Congregation Church was organized with seven charter members. Because of the independent spirit of the Welsh, they were Congregationalists, the denomination which embraces the autonomy of the individual churches. By 1840 a log church had been built. To show the importance of the church to the Welsh, according to an historian,"while the church was not large nor grand, it was larger and better than any of the cabins of the pioneers who built it.

In 1855 the log church was replaced by a brick structure.  In 1876 our current church was built for $15,000. In current money that would be $415,000. "That kind of money raised by the ordinary people of the day is another indication of the importance of the church to them."

In 1964 our church and the Gomer Presbyterian church, organized in 1901, merged. The merged churches voted to become part of the UCC.   In 2013 we voted to leave the UCC.   Later that year we voted to become part of the NACCC.